Combating Workplace & Technological Burnout

A 5-NIGHT RETREAT ON QUADRA ISLAND, B.C.        April 10 - 15, 2015

Are you overwhelmed with the volume of daily emails you receive? Do you find yourself trying to do ten things at once? Do you have trouble concentrating for sustained periods of time because so many things are vying for your attention? If so, this retreat may be for you!

Immerse yourself for 6 days in a restorative environment, learning practical strategies to counter some of the negative impacts of multitasking and technological use, in order to enhance focus and attention. The retreat will emphasize hands-on, practical learning. Integrating neuroscience research with mindfulness and traditional First Nations wisdom practices, this retreat will address the following topics:

Technological addiction & distraction
  • The myth of multitasking.
  • The impact of excessive device usage on the brain.
  • The misuse of email in the workplace.

Mindfulness practices to restore focus & concentration

  • The value of monotasking.
  • The brain benefits of mindfulness.
  • Building the muscle of attention and self-awareness.

Managing workplace stress

  • Instilling work-life balance.
  • Increasing brain health and fitness.
  • The Medicine Wheel and holistic wellness.

Reconnecting with our inner lives, each other & the natural environment

  • The impact of nature on the brain.
  • Cultivating presence in our interpersonal relationships.
  • Reconnecting to one’s purpose and motivation.


Download the Retreat Brochure (PDF)